02 launches dumbells for thumbs “thumbells” to tackle Smartphone caused surge in thumb injuries

It maybe says something about the age in which we live, when a leading mobile phone carrier, 02, feels the need to launch dumbells for your thumbs. The rise in thumb related wear and tear injuries has led to this product, which is aimed at building up your endurance to allow you to text for longer. No its not April fools day.

Its no secret that we are collectively using our smart phones more and more these days. Later this year, the UK will collectively see the full roll-out of 4G connectivity, which will bring wi-fi like speeds to mobile networks. Expanding 4G beyond Everything Everywhere (EE) is expected to deliver a surge in new mobile data usage, all of which will puit further strain on our digits.

This is where 02′ “thumbells” will come in. The aim is to allow users to begin training early for this data revolution, thus building up greater stamina in their key typing digits.

David Johnson, General Manager Devices for O2 said: “We know
our customers are using their thumbs more than ever. Data use is experiencing exponential growth and with 4G just around the
corner, we want to make sure our customers are ready to make the most of
what 4G will offer them.

The thumbells will launch alongside ‘fit 4 4G’, which will provide the training routine needed to bulk up your thumbs. This really is one of those stories where you’re left wondering if 02 have gone mental… Have your say in the comments below.