12 Best Work From Home Jobs of 2015 Which Pay $1k+/Week

Whether you’re seeking a genuine full-time work from home opportunity or whether you’re simply seeking a way to generate some useful additional money from the comfort of your home – there are increasingly stacks of options available for you online. It is increasingly easy to leverage your skills – whether professional or more hobby focussed in order to generate some really useful additional cash. What’s more, working from home gives you more time to get your workout in, and we know that is of keen interest to any BurnTech reader!

Scroll through the gallery below by clicking next to see our 12 best work from home job opportunities of 2015 so far:

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Readers of Burntech are into their health and fitness, and as a result we have picked out a number of opportunities which allow you to leverage any skills that you may have in this area. We have presented a range of opportunities which include some more senior positions but also some rudimentary work from home options, including private tutoring and writing.

The former is presented as a secondary school private tutor gig, but in reality it could just as easily cross over into health and fitness. Personal Trainer certifications are easy enough to come by, and there are a wide range of people out there who’re seeking a knowledgeable and friendly trainer who can help them put together programmes online, without necessarily having to be there in the gym in order to hold their hands. Plenty of people like to be helped to formulate a good strength training plan and then like to be left to their own devices in order to smash their sessions.

Then there’s the writing opportunity too. A cursory search online reveals that there are plenty of people generating a very good incremental income stream through platforms like Amazon Kindle. If you have an especially strong knowledge in a subset of fitness, then there is clearly an opportunity to share your knowledge and drive some book sales. Additional opportunities lie in writing website content for other websites, many of whom use freelancer networks to get the writers needed. Such websites give you the chance to earn substantial money per article, and if you pick your jobs wisely, you’re getting paid good money to write content about areas that interest you – such as health and fitness.

Other jobs have nothing to do with the fitness space, but are significant opportunities. Take sales jobs, which increasingly no longer require a desk in an office. Sales staff do most of their work by visiting or otherwise communicating with their clients, using email, phones and other such communication tools. With software services like Salesforce in place, virtual sales teams are now easy to spin up.

So in summary, there are no shortage of opportunities to gain meaningful money by working from home. It is never going to be for everyone, but if you have the right skills, such as advanced software engineering, then there is no doubt that you could be saving a whole host of time and money by not commuting and instead working from home.