13 Awesome Running Gadgets every runner needs This Christmas

Running is perhaps the most low-tech sport in the world. Strictly speaking, you don;t need any gear at all in order to be a runner. However, the world of fitness technology and gadgets have managed to fulfil a need that we never knew we had – the need to make running high-tech. With Christmas fast upon us, we wanted to spin up a list of the best running gadgets to help inspire you to pick the best present for the runner in your life. Lets dive in

1. Pacebands

Any serious runner lives and dies by their split times. From triathletes to marathon runners, and fun runners to park runners, – everybody cares about their splits. These bracelets make it super easy to remember those all important splits, and are available in a range of prices and styles.

2. The Stick

The Stick

The problem with a race or a big run is the morning after. When the lactic acid builds up, the pain kicks in – and tired tired legs need THE stick. This barbaric looking gadget is designed to beat away the lactic acid and relieve the pain.

3. Yaktrax

Yaktrax / yaktrax.com

Yaktrax are a winter outdoor runners best friend. No need to consign your self to the treadmill all winter if you live in snowy conditions – instead invest in a pair of these funky shoe overlays and you ca still pound the outdoor beat.

A slightly bleak gadget, but a useful one nevertheless. This multi-purposed bundle of string serves a number of key needs. Firstly, its an identifier if ID is required, but it also adds value as replacement shoe laces or a backup rope.

5. Arm Warmers

Asics / amazon.com

Running gear is traditionally quite skimpy – short shorts and sleeveless tops. Such gear is hardly well suited to the winter and that is where the arm warmers come in. Easier to take off than a jacket in the mid-stride, they provide just enough warmth where you feel the cold to keep you comfortable without overheating. A cheap yet nifty present.

6. Re-String It

Re-String It / re-stringit.com

ReString It / youtube.com

 Ever lost the drawstring on your favourite pair of running shorts. There’s nothing worse, but worry not, as the ReString It has your back.

7. Ion

Winter brings darker mornings and evenings, with less overall sunshine. Alongside less favourable weather, this makes running more dangerous. The vast array of bright yellow tops help, but the Ion offering goes one step further. This makes sure you never get missed by passing motorists.

8. Knuckle lights

The gadget that goes beyond being reflective – this is an easy to use torch, which you don’t need to worry about holding on top. A much easier solution to ensure your favourite runner is able to see where he/she is going this winter!

9. Foam roller

Foam roller

AXIS / Via optp.com

These things are THE devil – but they’re also the tight runners best friend.

10. This shirt changes its message once you start sweating

Viewsport / viewsport.us

Viewsport / youtube.com

Revealing an inspirational message as you work up a sweat, these are the ultimate runners high inducing cool-tech.

11. Body Glide – it prevents chafing. Enough said!

Bodyglide / bodyglide.com

12. Shower Wipes – At the end of a race, it is not always possible to just ‘jump in the shower’. These powerful baby wipes help ensure you don’t start smelling tooooo bad.

Shower Wipes

Nathan Sports / Via nathansports.com

13. The FlipBelt is our favourite running belt of 2015 – ensuring you can easily carry around your keys, ID, wallet and any other important gear

TheFlipBelt / youtube.com

So there you have it, 13 running gadgets which are sure to help any runner in your life this winter. Have you come across any other great running gadgets? If so, share them in the comments field below!