13 Little-Known Reasons Why Women MUST Lift Weights!

For years, lifting weights was the domain of the gym ‘meat head’. So the theory went, you only lifted weights if you wanted to ‘get big’, yet times are changing, and as a result more and more people are going into the weights room.

The reason is simply – of all of the forms of gym training that you can do, lifting weights has the biggest potential t change how you look fastest. Hard and effective weight training is not easy, but it is dammed effective. What’s more, it isn’t all about building more muscle (seriously!), as a weights program is equally effective and toning you up and blasting away body fat.

Below are 13 benefits to lifting weights that you never knew about until now!


1. Stress busting – Lifting weights is proven to be the most effective form of exercise for relieving stress. Who couldn’t do with some stress relief in the modern world?

woman rest in between weightlifting sets
woman rest in between weightlifting sets


2. Proper weight training will strengthen a load of muscles that you never knew existed, yet these muscles dramatically effect our posture. So lifting weights delivers better posture, which is a great side benefit

woman doing crossfit snatch
woman doing crossfit snatch


3. Its clinically proven that lifting weights 3x a week for six months or more makes you happier. People doing this scored higher on mood scores verses those who didn’t lift

Athetic woman lifting freeweights - isolated over a white background


4. Toning up with weights makes your clothes fit better. 1LB of body fat takes up more scape then 1lb of muscle, meaning that swopping a pound of fat for a pound of muscle will give you an infinitely better body shape


clothes fit better

5. You’ll actually burn more body fat lifting weights then doing hours of cardio. Building muscle burns fat at rest, raising your base metabolic rate


6. Your newly raised metabolic rate means you’ll be burning more calories at rest.


7. Getting strong equals independence – meaning you’re less likely to need help moving heavy objects



8. Women who lift have ben clinically proven to sleep better. Lifting gives you a better hormonal balance, and also provides a really hard – and therefore tiring workout. This equates to better sleep at night


9.Lifting makes your bones stronger, which is important as women age.


10. Lifting weights in a hard ‘circuit training’ manner is actually more effective than hard cardio – even the especially intense HIIT method – meaning that hard circuits burn fat more effectively than cardio. What’s more, you’re higher levels of lean muscle mass mean that time spent doing cardio provides more bang for your buck. A double winner


11. Weight training lowers your blood pressure, which in return reduces the likelihood that you’ll suffer a heart attack


12. Longevity – those who lift live for longer – it’s that simple


13. It has been scientifically proven that lifting weights not only stimulates your muscles, but also your grey matter. That’s right, contrary to stereotypes, lifting actually makes you smarter!