20 tips: How to be great at everything you do

What makes somebody great at their job? And why should you strive to achieve such workplace perfection? Of course, being good at your job brings a host of rewards; better financial compensation – not just in take home salary, but in perks and pensions. Perhaps more thn anything though. Being great at your job would deliver immense satisfaction. Satisfaction at a job well done, satisfaction that your nailing the route that you choose in life. Satisfaction that is measured in a sense of accomplishment every time a Friday afternoon roles by, and you can analyse your week?

Whatever your motivation for striving to be great, below are a number of tips which can get you there:

1) model yourself on who you want to be: Find people that do a great job, analyse them and model your habits on their most powerful traits. Surround yourself with such people, building a network of great people

2) Become a teacher: Share your knowledge at every opportunity, from one-on-one sessions to talking at major events. Sharing knowledge is. A great way to deepen knowledge – it flushes out flaws in your understanding and forces you to vocalise and articulate what you know. It’s super powerful and it works.

3) Have the bravery to take risks: Sometimes you’ll fail, but learn that failing builds deeper understanding. The worlds greatest entrepreneurs, almost to a tee, and have all ‘failed’ at some point in their lives. Great people know that failure equals data, and that data analysis equals performance improvement. Learn from your mistakes.

4) Specialise: Become the go to person on one or two key areas. Learn everything there is to know about that subject, and combine this knowledge with great teaching (point two). Concentration of focus equals mastery of your study.

5) embrace experienced mentors: Mentors have walked the walk and are typically all to ready to share their learnings. I don’t care who you are or what you do, there are always people who are better than you at certain skills. Embrace the learnings that can come from being open to mentorship.
Bonus tip: work towards becoming a mentor. Mentoring is an enhanced stage of teaching, and offers all,of the learning opportunities on a whole new level.

6) learn: Be open to continued learning – it doesn’t stop when you leave collage. The great choose to read the word of their great-peers, learning from their mastery in a condensed learning opportunity.

7) Feel you lack in a specific area – whether public speaking or organising? There’s a simple answer: Practice. Practice really does make perfect, as research shows it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master. Put yourself in positions that discomfort you mentally, and you I’ll grow from them. Stretch yourself to reach new heights.

8) Push your boundaries, just like an elite athlete. Do you know how Usain Bolt smashes the world record in the 100m sprint? Simple, he trains at his very fresholds, week in, week out. He pushes his boundaries, expanding them to gargantuan new levels. He achieves greatness by living greatness.

9) embrace growth, just like you we’re built to do. Experience the joy of overcoming a workplace fear, and the feeling of empowerment that delivers. You’ll be walking on the moon afterwards.

10) mentality: winners play to win,and they scoff at suggestions like ‘its the taking part that counts’. The second you accept that you have Putin a good performance, it will drop. Play to the whistle, and focus on being the winner. We are what we think.

11) banish negative people: some folks just were not built for greatness. They just don’t want it enough, they have other priorities and they don’t practice becoming legendary. Banish such people, they are mental energy drains who are killing your chances to succeed.

12) Similarly, focus on seeking out a positive, like-minded network. Not just at work, but in other walks of life. Play golf with people who play to win, go to the pub with people who take the chance to pick your brains intellectually. Hang out with people who make you grow, and who make you p,at like a winner 24/7. Fake it until you make it, and if you live it all day everyday, you’ll make it.

13) Track your journey: Every journey begins with the first step, but if we don’t count these steps,we don’t know how far we have gone. Chronically your success and reward yourself for the. Be equally forthright with your failing, and learn from them.

14) Attitude: So may of life’s great winners have got where they are because of one core trait – their attitude. The greats aren’t usually the geniuses, they’re not the ones who got full marks in their university degree, or who aced their way through school. They’re die-hard, battle hardened, determined and super-hardworking warriors.

15) Discount intelligence: Too many people believe their own hype. They got told they were clever when they were a kid. They were congratulated throughout their education, and on every little victory thereafter. They believe their own hype. Don’t put yourself down, but don’t overly build yourself up. There’s a difference between useful supreme confidence, and useless overly brash arrogance.

16) reward victories: set mini-goals on the way to your personal mountain top, and reward yourself as you reach the different camps on route. Large mountains aren’t climbed in one day, the eventual summit is the culmination of years of work. Reward the victories to maintain the motivation.

17) Build practicing camps: athletes set up training camps, and research suggests learned should do likewise. It takes 66 days ofconsectitve practice to master a new habit. Dedicate the time needed to make the changes necessary to become truly great.

18) Raise your standards: raising your standards has a motivating affect on your peers, whether they’re work colleagues or your family. Lead by example and others will follow. When they follow they help you to continue your strong push. Our friends and family have. A huge influence on us, so bring them along on the journey.

19) exercise like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby: Build the foundation to greatness strongly. Build your health and learn from the one secret shared by an overwhelming majorities of CEOs – exercise is a cure for many ills (stress, illnesses, depression etc). Exercise also weakens you up and lets you attack the day. Dedicate 40 minutes in the morning to becoming fitter. Go to bed earlier. Eat better. You’ll notice e difference.

20) Show you mean it: got the guts to succeed? Invest in it then. Invest in the best training, the best resources, the best processes and the best gear. That’s right, simply dressing like a winner can make you act more like one.

These ideas were adapted and enhanced from Robin Sharma. Robin Sharma is a professional performance coach, who is famous for giving storing speeches to large gatherings around the world. You can learn more on his website below:

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