2014’s biggest smartphone releases dissected

The smartphone market is perhaps the fastest moving in the whole of technology. The competition is truly fierce and the rate of change is rapid, with the average refresh cycle at one year per model. We have no reason to think that this rapid rate of change is going to slow down one iota, so it was interesting to read Pocket-Lint’s take on the devices that are most likely to cause a stir during 2014.

It’s interesting to note that Chris Hall has excluded the next iteration of the iPhone, so this is not just some predictable list that rolls out all of the current big names. In fact, if anything, Chris and PocketLint seem to think that 2014 could be Sony’s year. The company have never managed to make a huge splash in the smartphone market – a market which is dominated in the top tier by Samsung and Apple – but with three appearances in a small list, this could be their year. LG join Samsung, Nokia and HTC to make up the final list. Head over to Pocket-Lint to take in the whole list, now!

We’re not sure that we concur about the whole list, but we definitely feel that it contains some interesting reference points. We’re excited to see what Nokia can do in this space, especially with their Windows tie in, moving through the rest of the year. We’re always interested in Apple’s latest release, but the lack of huge changes in recent years – with most updates been highly incremental as opposed to revolutionary – leads us to agree with Chris that the iPhone does not warrant a place on the list.

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