These Are The 21 Most Mind-Blowing Gifts Which You Can Actually Buy

What are the most mind-blowing gifts which you can actually buy? Its quite the question right? Its one that challenged their readers to come up with the answer to, and the website provided $200 for the person who came up wth the most incredible idea.

We stumbled across the list earlier and were astonished by some fo the entries. We begged to differ with some of the ordering, so have re-presented the list below in the BurnTech.TV order. Of course, this is highly subjective but does offer an interesting inisght into some fo the maddest gifts on earth. Which would you vote as the most mind-blowing gift of the lot?


#21: Ever fancied dropping a million bucks on a set of speakers? For $1,111,111 you get the right to not only boast of a stellar pair of golden speakers, but you also get to choose the colour to match your decor. What more could you want from your home entertainment?


#20: Is this the ultimate example of ‘living like a king’?

#19 You expect a lot when your fork out upwards of $18,000 on a bed. What does that sort of money buy you? How about about a Jedi StarFighter?

#18: Ideal for anybody with grand pretensions, as a mere $50 lets you pop a ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ in front of your name. Spiffing.


#17: How about a speed boat which would really standout in the Monte Carlo bay? Yachts have been totally overdone, but I doubt you’ll find too many dolphin speedboats?


#16: $40 million lets you not only expereince the roadtrip holiday of a lifetime to the international space station, but it also lets you skip the queue. What price on being able to pop a real superman pose selfie on the mantlepiece?



#15. For only $29.95, you can actually give a flying ….

#14. After Concorde was withdrawn from service, the jetsetters amongst us had to put up with laborously slow private jets. BurnTech.TV readers eed to make no such sacrifice when they purchase a fully restored 1972 “Skyhawk”

by El-ahrairah

#13. £314 lets you bag yourself the World’s most expensive TV dinner. Its certainly a step up from Dominoes…

by ikcaj

#12. $7,700 lets you legitimately join the mile high club. The small print states that you have to provide your own partner, but you do get 1 hour to do whatever you want in the back of the plane…

#11. How about emulating Tom Hanks by dancing on a ginat piano?

by Danzy

#10. No distinguished reader is without their own island, and a mere $10 million plus some change lets you bag this beauty off the coast of Brazil. It even comes with a four bedroom house, heliport, its own diesel generators and a spiffing swimming pool.

#9. $32,000 lets you buy your very own life-sized Robby the Robot. He first appeared in the Sci-Fi cult classic “forbidden planet” in 1956, and this fully remote-controlled model has been designed from the exact same molds and blueprints as the original.

by phuhknees

#8. Gun laws are the topic of plenty of debate in the US at the moment, so you may need to get in quick. 10,000 Euros lets you buy a real anti-tank gun, even though it will remain in Bulgaria. Still, must beat a ‘beware of the dog’ sign?

#7. $22,495 buys you a full-sized 1966 King Kong replica, complete with a detachable 14-inch wingspan. One for the front garden?

by El Zoof

#6. Your very own jetpack for just $250,000? We’re in.

#5. Better safe than sorry

by Avisia

#4. This very precisly priced ham offering looks like a quicker starter for one to us.

#3. Hot tubs and speed boats have always been the rich romantic Romeo’s pick-up vehichle of choice. Here’s how you can combine the two without dropping double digit millions on a fancy yacht.

by JesusRodz


#1: The winner, which we can only agree with on, speaks for itself.

So there you have the full list. Remember to get yourself over the to see their full list of 30, as decided by their readers.