These 26 Mind-Blowing McDonalds Facts – Updated for 2015

Its one of the most iconic restaurants of its time, with one of the worlds most recognised logos and branding. Yet McDonald’s holds a lot of secrets and its fair share of mind-blowing facts. The reach of the chain knows no bounds, and the company feeds more people everyday than the entire UK population. From celebrity employees to the 37.5 million Americans who have McDonalds on their CV, these 26 facts about McDonalds will blow your mind. Scroll through the gallery below and share your favourite McDonald’s fact in the comments below

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The first standout fact about the golden arches is just how big the chain is. With 35,000 global locations, its larger than Burger King, Taco Bell and Wendy’s combined. This is a truly monstrous achievement to have built a business which is just so scaled even compared to what appear to be the chains direct rivals. And t think that we’re amazed by this scale today – as its only growing – with the company planning on opening 3 new branches every day in China alone between now and the end of 2017.

Its also amazing to understand just how much money they spend on advertising globally. To put the market in context, over $500 billion dollars a year gets spent by some of the worlds biggest companies on promoting their brands. McDonald’s marketing budget is so big, that they amount to just under 0.2% of the entire worlds advertising spend.

They’re also a quite prodigious employer. he company is the largest private sector employer in the UK and 1 in every 8 of all Americans have worked for the chain. Not unsurprisingly, they therefore have some pretty famous former employes – not least Shania Twain.

Also, McDonalds are a huge toy distributor – the biggest in the world. This is attributed to the fact that one in every six of the meals they sell includes a bundled toy. They therefore beat global giants like Toys R Us in shifting toys – a quite fantastic McDonalds fact!


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