3 Week Diet Plan Review – How our Test lost 8LBS in 21 Days!

We recently got approached by Brian Flatt, the creator of the 3 week diet plan – a new diet plan which promises super fast weight loss. Flatt claimed that his radical diet programme has been taking social media by storm, gathering swathes of positive reviews. With people claiming fat loss of up to 23 pounds of fat in just 21 days, he asked if we (BurnTech) would take a look and share our thoughts with our readers. Having seen for ourselves that people really are raving about if on social media, we agreed to take a look. Below is an overview of our thoughts, but firstly we’ll explain how we formed these. Below is their overview video

Firstly, we needed a test subject. We have three writers here, and none of us are in the market for losing weight, as we’re all in shape and take our fitness seriously. So we hired a test subject, David, and we deployed him to run our test. David’s thoughts ae shaed at the end of this article, but firstly we’ll explain the findings. Disclaimer – he did cheat (three times to be exact!). However, what David did do was complete the full three weeks, allowing us to form this review.

What is the Three Week Diet?

By Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck the three week diet plan is? Well in short, its a combination of a number of existing diet plans – all of them with proven results – encompassing theories and practices taken from intermittent fasting, low-carb / keto and detoxing led approaches. All of these methods are powerful, but all are individually flawed, at least in the long run. However piecing them together lets you get optimum results, and also the get the individual weight loss rapid-spikes three times over – hence why you can lose so much weight so fast on this programme.

So you’re looking at a detox opener, followed by an optional fasting stage followed by two different methods of low-carbing. We’ve always been fans of intermittent fasting (IF) here, so we were immediately keen to test this out.

Frankly though, we thought that the entire process was a little extreme, and actually OTT. David complained about feeling a bit drowsy at times, and also slightly drained. The upside though is that this is a rapid ire three week programme, so the ‘pain’ – which is quite limited – is more than worthwhile. You can always dial it back if you don’t need quite such a pronounced weight loss after all.

How does exercise fit into the three week diet plan?

No diet plan would be complete without at least some prescribed exercise. However, the exercise that you’re encouraged to do here is about as ‘light touch’ as you’ll get – you’re simply asked to take a fasted walk first thing in the morning. If you really want to maximise the results, then you are encouraged to do the optional weights workout. Weights are actually much more effective for weight loss then most people realise. Hard weights training not only burns calories, which is important for weight loss, but also helps optimise your hormones whilst building more lean muscle mass – both of which help incinerate body fat. Again, in disclosure, David achieved his weight loss by doing the weight training, so his results may not be typical.


Does this diet plan actually work?

Our test subject, David, was successful with this diet. So the short answer is ‘yes’. He didn’t lose 20+ pounds, although frankly he doesn’t have that much fat to lose, and if he did, he would probably have to keep to the plan a bit more precisely. However, the fact that he lost the weight that he did, whilst not being overly strict, works in the favour of this diet plan in our opinion.

At the end of the day, this diet plan leverages three methods which all individually work. Low carb dieting works. IF works. Detoxes work. So of course piecing them together equals fat loss, but in fairness, the ‘magic recipe’ that this plan has does do a especially good job of combining these effective methods.

The scientific claims made in the manual – and there are a lot – are slightly reverse engineered, in our opinion. Brian Flatt likely created the diet and then found the science, but as we’ve already said, science has long since proved his individual methods, and his real ‘breakthrough’ is finding the best way to combine them for maximal results.

Is the 3 Week Diet for me?

  • If you urgently need to lose weight – for a wedding, a holiday or other such occasion then yes.
  • You have to be happy to make sacrifices – IF especially is hard, and you go through longer periods of not eating.
  • Its effective for figure and body building athletes – because it leverages the techniques that you likely already use, but combines them to be more effective quicker – which limits the amount of time that you diet for and therefore saves/spares muscle. So its a big tick for this camp, which includes PTs and other folks who need to be in great shape.

I would avoid this plan if you fall into the below camps;

  • If you have diabetes or other medical issues, where blood sugar stabilisation is important, then I would avoid this. Low carb and IF isn;t always great from this perspective
  • If you have had eating conditions or have had a bad relationship with food in the past then avoid this plan – its too extreme and for such people, IF is not a good idea (in our opinion)


What do you get with this programme?

The 3 week diet system is comprised of four manuals:

  • The Introduction Manual – Basically a quick run down of why we get fat and why this diet plan is scientifically the best approach to losing body fat. It introduces some natural supplements that can – and do – help the process. It also explains the outline of the plan
  • The Diet Plan Manual – As you’d guess, the ‘meat and potatoes’ of the plan. It helps you calculate your personal baseline and how you can best measure progress. It explains what to eat and when, and how to execute this plan of attack. T
  • The Workout manual – You likely don;t need much help figuring out how to do the morning walk – that’s pretty easy after all – so this manual focusses on the weights training elements. It show cases, with full diagrams and how to guides, a full body weights workout. We highly recommend that you follow this to maximise the overall body composition benefits of this programme.
  • Mindset and Motivation Manual. As if the weight loss isn’t enough, this is aimed to really help you stick to your guns!


How much does it cost?

The program costs $47. It is downloadable immediately post purchased, so no need to wait for delivery. You also get a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. Basically, lose weight of they will give you your money back. You can buy it on the official website, found here