4K TV Price Drop: Bargain 4K ‘ultra HD’ TVs in 2013

If you have ever seen one, then it is pretty much a given that you’ll badly want one. There’s little doubt that 4K will spark a revolution in the TV industry, because these really are a quantum leap forward compared to anything that we have seen in the TV market before. And now we’re seeing a 4K TV price drop, making them affordable for the first time. So get ready to ditch your HDTV…

4K TVs sport 4x smaller pixels compared to an HDTV, which basically means that you get 4X more pixels on the screen, which again, basically means that you’re getting 4X better picture quality on a 4K TV compared to a HDTV. Where we had the 3D TV fad – we wrote recently about why you shouldn’t buy a 3D TV in 2013 – but 4K is different, it is in many ways what HDTV’s should have been.

The problem to date has been the 4K TV price: to put it bluntly its been extortionate. For a circa 50 inch model, leading retailers have been pitching in at around the $20,000 mark. However that is now set to change this autumn. The third biggest TV maker in the world, TCL, announced three days ago that they intend to launch a full spec 4K TV this autumn for just $999. Boasting of a 50 inch 4K resolution Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen, it will mark the beginning of the true 4K revolution.

The edge-lit 7E504D LED 4K Ultra High HDTV will hit stores in September 2013. The new 50-in 4K 7E504D Ultra High HDTV will become the lowest priced Ultra High HD TV by a quite the distance, according to analysts, who also expect it to spark a bidding war amongst manufacturers.

This TCL 4K TV will be aggressively priced at just $999, and launches this Septmeber

Another lesser known TV brand, also based out of China,  Seiki, already offers an affordable 4K UHD TV. Their SE50UY04 model is officially priced at $1,499, but is currently available on Amazon for $1,100.

This Seiki model can already be purchased on Amazon.com

TCL and Seiki opperate at the value end of the TV market, but they are not alone in working to make their ultra HD TVs more affordable. Recognising that the market requires a broader range of affordable models to take off, leading manufacturers like Sony are following suit.

Other notable 4K UHD TV’s, from the bigger brand names include the below sets:

Sony XBR 55X900A price $3979.00

This Sony set launched in April 2013, featuring LED Backlit – 55 inch – Smart TV – 4K – 3840 x 2160 – 4 HDMI port – 76.1 pound

Sony Bravia Xbr55x900a price: $4900.00

On a similar vain to the above set, this Sony 4K TV features an LED Backlit – 55 inch – High Definition – 4K

Toshiba 58L9300U 58 inch UHD Price: $4999.00

This Toshiba 4K TV sports a 58 inch mega-screen

Samsung UN55F9000 price $5,500.00



So the era of 4K TVs is now upon us, and with the latest round of price drops, the price of a 4K TV is now becoming more and more comparable with that of a HDTV. It therefore seems that this Autumn/Winter will become a very interesting time to look into buying one of these next gen TVs, that is presuming you ca wait that long.

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