9 unusual jobs that pay at least £50k

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Above is our list of the top nine jobs that pay at least £50,000 per year. They are unusual and often quite different, and in many cases represent a really fun way to generate a nice take-home salary. You wouldn’t necessarily want to do all of the jobs listed, but I bet there’s at least a few job roles listed that surprise you by how well paid they are.

Ice cream taster features on the list, with the potential to pull in a huge five-figure salary. Who would have thought that a hot dog vendor would feature? Yet this seemingly small time job has the capability to pull in a six figure salary for the dedicated vendors. Personal shoppers are another well paid and highly lucrative niche industry, with many pulling in £25-75,000 per annum.

In our repressed economy, these job opportunities are something a bit different. In our recent story about billionaires giving advice to new graduates, one tip stood out from Steve Jobs: Do something that you love. It resonated with us, as like Steve Jobs, we felt that this is the best way to do your best life’s work. So if you’re naturally an entertainer, food lover or are unafraid to do something a bit left field, scroll through the gallery and let us know below in the comments which job you would most fancy taking on.

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