A closer look at the Nike Free Hyperfeel running shoes (pictures)

Nike Free Hyperfeel Specs

Before the formal launching of Nike’s newest running shoes, the Nike Free Hyperfeel, we were given the chance to experience the ultimate feel of these super comfortable running shoes. This article will give you an idea how it feels to wear Nike Free Hyperfeel shoes.



When we talk about lightweight, this shoe fits the bill because it only weighs 181g for size 10 US, making it very light indeed. As a general rule of thumb, we all know this that the cheaper the shoes are the weightier they often are. The Nike Free Hyperfeel running shoes combine a lightweight design with a modest price tag, making them a good choice for any middle of the market customer. There are several colors to choose from that fits well among men and women, a number of which are included throughout this article.

The Nike CEO Mark Palmer has been focussing on radically improving his company’s range of running shoes, and more specifically the technology behind them lately.

These shoes are using existing Nike technologies which are being combined to form a new design. Let us tackle every part of it by starting on top. Hyperfeel is made up of Flyknit, a Nike designed and developed lightweight thread, which fits like a sock when worn. It can give the user a more comfortable feel and which also delivers appropriate support and firmness in the mid-stride. As you can see in the shoes, there are lines that look like a suspension bridge. It gives the user the optimum comfort as well as support when combatting all surfaces, from smooth tarmac to rougher off-road conditions (NB: These shoes are best used in more urban environments, or in the gym as opposed to rougher terrains).


Moving on to the soles of the shoes, which are made out of Nike’s Lunar materials wherein a little cushioned feel is being offered for a smooth ride. Since the Flyknit material gives a ‘sock like feel’, this Lunar technology makes the Hyperfeel soles deliver ultimate comfort on the road. The rubber sole measures only approximately 0.7mm thick, combining protection against any elements as you strike on the road with a surprising amount of comfort. This can also provide you a great flexible and lightweight solution which allows your feet to move freely, meaning the shoes can be quite suitable for crossfit or even wider weight training. You can see in the soles that it has soft protuberances which are like that of “waffles”, to lend a rather un-technical flavor to proceedings. This provides you with a solid grip combined with an immediately responsive show, allowing you to almost glide along the road.


The Nike Free Hyperfeel will launch in September with its tentative price of $175.