Amazon & Asos to unveil new e-commerce ‘follow my parcel’ delivery system

DPD, a renowned UK carrier are teaming up with Interlink Express to offer a new delivery service. On Friday, the new delivery service called Follow my Parcel was unveiled. The Follow my Parcel service gives the consumers the capability to real-time track their parcels and to control the parcels delivery within a 15 minute delivery slot window. Amazon UK Prime members will get unlimited access to the new feature.

Through the new service the consumer has been give more control over their parcels, with the capability it offers, the consumers can safely track their parcels from the comfort of their home , office or the pick-up point and know when to expect the parcel. for many, the more efficient delivery of products is seen as the final frontier in e-commerce, and it comes as no surprise that it is amazon who are making the innovative strides.

The service is to be rolled out on 5 August by most of the major on-line firms including Amazon UK and fashion retailer ASOS . It will enable customers to monitor their prime parcels on a map (presumably Google maps) up to 15 minutes of delivery. The tracking will also be made available to the e-commerce store, allowing them to see when their deliveries arrive with their customers. This two tier system will allow both the courier company and the customer to monitor the delivery of their parcels, making the entire system work better.

Previously, most companies like DPD alerted their customers through text messages and would provide an hour of delivery slot time which was considered broad and long. Customers using the Follow My Parcel feature will receive a link to a delivery map in addition to the regular text message that will be sent by the courier. Once the customers has received their delivery link , they can watch the progress of the delivery driver on the map using either a computer desktop or a mobile devices supporting the map functionality and check a detailed delivery breakdown. The map feature will increase efficiency of the deliveries, the customers and couriers can easily change the pick-up and drop points conveniently.

The delivery routes can be optimized to meet the need and locations of the customers. To add onto that, the maps feature reduces the chances of deliveries getting lost or being delivered incorrectly.

In a nutshell, what this new revolutionary features does is enable the customers know with pin point accuracy when to expect their parcel. There is no need now to shy away from on-line hopping because tracking your deliveries just got better and more secure

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