Apple iPhone 6 Gossip Column: A round-up of the latest rumours from around the web

In and amongst all of the rumour and speculation, only one things seems certain: There will be another Apple iPhone launching in 2013.

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This column is intended to capture the latest rumours from around the internet. We’ll be updating it as the launch gets closer, so be sure to bookmark this page and to check back in order to get the latest lowdown. Heard a rumour that we haven’t covered? Tip us and get featured on the Gossip Column

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Tuesday July 30th

The latest iPhone 6 spy picture emerges, curtosy of Omio

The iPhone 6 will have a finger print scanner acording to analysis by They point to the oblong shaped home screen button in the picture, which they claim could contain a sensor which unlocks the new iPhone when you rub your finger on it.

According to, the new iOS7 beta 4 code contains a peice of code caled “BioMetricKitUI”, which they claim could confirm the presence of a finger print scanner.

Monday July 29th

The iPhone 6 could be on sale as early as September 6th 2013 according to the Daily Mail. The Mail is also reporting that the new ‘lightweight’ cheaper iPhone may be called the “iPhone C”
Full Story: Daily Mail

iPhone workers are currently being asked to put in 6 day weeks and super-long hours as they rush to prepare the latest models for release, according to Business Insider. Apparently the workers assembling the new smart phone are being paid a mere $1.50 per hour for their time.
Full Story: Business Insider

Friday July 26th

Apple will save the iPhone 6 for a blockbuster release in 2014, choosing instead to launch an iPhone 5S in 2013 according to
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