Asus VivoWatch sports fitness watch to launch in May 2015

Asus recently joined the long line of consumer tech businesses who have moved into the sports and fitness technology with their Zenwatch. They’re now backing this up with the release of their VivoWatch this month, which will feature an incredible ten day battery span and will cost £120.

Sporting a sleek and impressive console, the watch aims to hover up the market who’re seeking a simple and cost-effective solution which doesn’t require a full charge every couple of days. This claim – which is yet to be verified with a full BurnTech review – has to be taken lightly until proven, but nevertheless, the device is said to charge in 90 minutes. If the latter charge time is indeed correct, this will be quite the achievement.

The VivoWatch will feature a 128×128 screen, gorilla fortified glass display and a IP67 rated stainless steel body shell. Other features include the obligatory heart rate monitor – what sports fitness watch would be sen without one of those days, and a movement sensor to enable sleep tracking.

What will be interesting will be determining the competitive angle that Asus approach the market with. As you’ll be aware, the market is highly competitive with a raft of offerings across traditional consumer tech manufacturers alongside sports specific brands like Fitbit. One angle could be smartphone connectivity – a major drawback of many so-called sports wearables. At £120, price is likely to become a key competitive area too.

The UK will get the Asus VivoWatch from May for £120.