Casio to launch the STB-100 2014 G-Shock sports watch, with fitness apps and a 2 year battery

The Casino G-Shock is certainly no ‘looker’, nor is it a timepiece that comes to mind when you consider the growing wearable technology fitness space. However Casio are looking to change these misconceptions with the latest iteration of the heavy duty sports watch.

The latest Casio offering, the G-Shock STB-100, will include sports apps and Bluetooth 4.0 music controlling. These new features are built on top of the classic G-Shock design, which places an emphasis on function over form. The blocky and angular design has been retained, alongside the overall sturdy and waterproof build which has made the watch a favourite for outdoor sportsmen and women.

These watches have always been renowned for their long battery life, and if Casio’s claims are to be believed, nothing has changed here. The latest model is said to include a 2 year battery life.

For social fitness fans, this latest watch works with the Abvio’s Runmeter, Walkmeter and Cyclemeter plus Wahoo Fitness iPhone apps. Apps like these, which hopefully are only the start, have been a revolution for many in the fitness space. They encourage social cooperation with competition, two factors that can dramatically improve the odds of a fitness plan becoming part of a person’s longer term lifestyle. Such apps are now readily included in almost all fit tech products.

So who is the STB-100 best suited to? The lack of high end features, not to mention the apps, means that it certainly is not targeted at the fit tech enthusiast. However its longer life battery, plus the inclusion of the vast majority of the features that the everyday trainee needs – including pace, distance and time, including sport specific info around cycling (cadence and pedal rotation via sensors) leaves us looking at the more typical G-Shock market. Keen sportsmen and women who put their sport ahead of the technology. This is especially true for those who pursue the more dangerous – and impact bearing – outdoor activities, like downhill cycling, climbing and other such activities. The longlife 2 year battery also plays into the hands of the keen sportsman who may prefer to spend prolonged time performing their activities, rendering a daily charge as totally impossible (as required by most of the smartwatch offerings).

The pricing of the STB-100 is yet to be confirmed but Casio are planning to introduce more sports apps ASAP.

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