Check out the 1 secret function on Kim Jong Un’s tablet

When your trying to model yourself as the most feared dictator in the world, then you’re going to want some seriously cool tech to fit your image. So Kim Jong Un has had a custom tablet made by Samjiyon.


The Samjiyon tablet is in mnay ways a very limited device. After all, North Korea being North Korea, you can only access state-sanctioned websites (hint: you can’t access very many websites) and the apps are highly limited too. Although fortunately for the good folk of North Korea, Angry Birds Rio is one of the permitted apps.

This special tablet does have one unique feature though – a feature which your tablet definitely will not have.

The seven inch tablet has a built in TV antenna, which allows Jong to watch TV that is not streamed over the net.

The tablet came to light after a tourist was able to purchase it in the North Korean town of Pyongyang. Identified only as ‘Michael’ the tourist sent an unboxing video to

Here at BurnTech, we’re somewhat sceptical of some of the claims on the box. For one, this tablet is said to boast of a processor which, at 1.2GHz, is faster than a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and only 02GHz off the current iPad. Therefore Jong Un is seemingly enjoying an android tablet with the spec to rival almost anything that we have seen from a tablet in the western world to date.

Less surprising is some of the other game based apps that are available – they are largely military themed. These games, sure to excite the North Korean leader, include Tank Recon 3D and the USA-made Field Runners.

The tablet comes with the predicatble blocks on any content outside of North-Korea, however, how long can it be until the North-Korean nerds find a way to hack through that and access western content? They’re probably watching the football as we speak.





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