The best Crossfit gear of 2013 so far

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a real explosion in Crossfit. This has been so marked that we have hit a point where we are seeing a ‘cult of crossfit’, whereby trainees truly do live and breathe the sport of fitness. For the initiated, Crossfit is essentially a strength and conditioning programme, but its inclusiveness and subsequent broad appeal, not to mention its outright effectiveness have led to its broad uptake. Therefore scores of people who wouldn’t historically be seen in the weights room, including increasing numbers of women, are reaping the benefits of strength training in the crossfit style. In this article, we investigate the best new Crossfit gear in 2013.

CW-X Stabiltyx ventilation shorts

These CW-X Stabiltyx ventilation shorts are designed with one purpose in mind – keeping you cool. The ferocious nature of many Crossfit sessions, many of which call for very high intensity bursts, combined with a hot gym environment make these kind of shorts essential. They’re designed with mesh around your thighs, allowing heat and sweat to evaporate. The cool air which this design enables to rush in is also said to aid circulation and the removal of lactic acid, boosting performance. This performance boost is further helped by the shorts ‘exoskeletal support system’ which makes your core and hip flexors more rigid and better supported.

CW-X Stabiltyx ventilation shorts price: $80


110% play harder compression shorts

On a similar vain to the CW-X shorts above, these compressions shorts serve two purposes; cooling combined with compression. They include a post workout cold therapy feature, which is designed to dramatically aid your recovery from your workout. Crossfit is high intensity and thus hard on the body, and the programme often calls for two or three days ‘on’ before one day off, meaning that recovery time is limited. The recovery factor works by combining special pockets with cold packs, which allow you to slip the cold packs in and begin recovering. The shorts are also effective at keeping you cool during your workouts, with their innovative technology.

110% play harder compression shorts price: $110,


WOD Gear Compression pants

Don’t fancy the compression shorts? these black compression pants from WOD gear could be just the ticket. They’re recommended for any lower body workout, as they bring the benefits of improved circulation and recovery (from the compression) to your entire leg structure. They are therefore great for any WOD which includes the likes of deadlifts, box jumps or sprinting. The design also effectively removes sweat from your legs, keeping you cool during your session.

Wod Gear Compression pants price: $85,



Reebok Nano 2.0

Reebok have worked hard to associate themselves closely with Crossfit, and their Rebok Nano 2.0 crossfit trainer is the most popular addition to their range of crossfit shoes. At the crossfit games it was telling that over 500 of the athletes used this trainer, including the overall champion Rich Froning. Froning described them as the ‘best overall Crossfit shoe’ and the ‘best shoes he’s ever worn’. Sponsorship aside, it’s good enough for us.

Reebok Nano 2.0 price: $110,

reebok nano 2.0

 New Balance Minimus 20v3

This low-drop shoe provides ample support for the more complex Olympic lifts, which makes them a good choice for any Crossfit trainer. It combines its low drop with enough support to get you through the hard intensity sprints and other cardio focussed activities that fall within the remit of crossfit too, which is especially impressive considering their ultra-lightweight design (6.5 ounces).
New Balance Minimus 20v3 price: $100,


Adidas Clima Ultimate short-sleeved t-shirt

The crossfit gear mentioned so far has been extreme fitness technology gear, and this kind of kit isn’t for everybody. In some gyms it’s more expected – or at least accepted – than in others. Therefore, if you’re after a more regular but still sports specific training top, this becomes worth a go.


Adidas Techfit Recovery shirt

This top from Adidas brings compression to your upper body muscle groups. With enhanced ventilation, this short is perfect for any WOD, but especially upper body focussed ones. The odor suppression technology is also useful, especially during some of the more brutal crossfit workouts. Adidas techfit price $55,
So there you have a round-up of some fo the best Crossfit gear of 2013. We’ll keep the list updated as the year progresses.
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