Emergency Services App Launched in Malaysia

The Malaysian government has just recently developed a smartphone app designed to help people with hearing and speech impairments to get emergency services. The application was created in collaboration with the national telecommunications company, Telekom Malaysia. The app is called SaveMe 999 and is available for free download.

Many have praised the government and Telekom Malaysia for their brilliant effort at enabling the disabled in times of trouble. Users first pre-register their details which are saved into the app.   These details include names, identification card numbers and their special needs registration number. When a user alerts emergency services through the app, rescuers are able to view all this information and respond immediately. Rescuers are also able to know the location of the person based on GPS tagging and users can help explain the situation by even attaching a photo. Once the emergency services team has received a report, a text message will be sent to the person reporting to confirm that help is on the way.

Screenshot of SaveMe 999

In Malaysia, close to 500,000 people are registered as having a certain disability. Although not all these people directly benefit from this app, many are now more connected and can alert authorities themselves. In particular, the deaf and the mute who would not be able to communicate over the telephone to an emergency services operator. The government has plans to have a wider app that is for everyone’s use but stated that they would be focusing on SaveMe 999 for the disabled first.

Telekom Malaysia have also hinted at creating a similar app designed for the blind. It would most probably be voice controlled and uses vibrations to alert the user.

SaveMe 999 is available on Windows, iOS and Android platforms.

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