Facebook Announce Video Sharing Update to Instagram

Introducing Video on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.


Last week Facebook announced its intention to rival Twitter’s hashtag system with the aim of it becoming a pivotal part of it’s own user nagivation.

Now the social networking giant has stoked the fire once more, attempting to limit the power of Twitter’s current video sharing software in Vine, with plans to add a video sharing update to its own popular photo sharing service Instagram. The intruguing update was exclusively disclosed at Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters in California earlier today.

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom was invited by Mark Zuckerberg on stage where he outlined the forthcoming plans to introduce this fresh media element to the software, claiming that “6 million photos have been shared on Instagram”. “That’s a lot of pictures of coffee,” he joked.

Instagram, acquired by Facebook for $1bn in April 2012, has already revolutionised the way we share images, now it’s hoped by Zuckerberg and co that the same can be done on the platform with videos, with Systrom stating the new service was to focus on ‘simplicity, beauty and community’.

Here is a rundown of some of the features we can expect from the new video update:

  • Instagram videos can be up to 15 seconds long: Video function is very similar to regular Instagram in terms of tagging and captioning photos in the same way.
  • 13 brand new filters will be available
  • There is also a cover frame function tailored specifically to adjust the aesthetic of the video on mobile devices, alongside a video stabilization tool titled ‘Cinema’.

    Instagram video is available on iOS and Android devices from today.

    Almost in direct retaliation to these rumours, Vine posted a blogpost promising updates to the service, stating: “Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing some exciting new parts of Vine.”

    It appears a social media based storm is brewing as the big names look to dominate the market, watch this space.


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