Flex belt is the only clinically approved toning system in the market and certainly the best available to date.


There are a lot of toning belt systems in the market but none as reliable as the Flex Belt which is the first and only abdominal belt toning system that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for working out on your abdominal muscles.
The Flex Belt helps you to tone abdominal muscles without dedicating time to their development. By just mounting on the comfortable (to wear) toning belt the (EMS) Electronic motion stimulation technology, stimulates the nerves and muscles and makes them contract and relax on regular intervals. The fix pattern of contracting and relaxing of muscles tends to tone and strengthen them. According to survey almost 93% people found the belt really effective and helpful for ab development. It can be safely said that the flex belt system is the most successful system in market. It requires a single battery to operate and weighs just 1.3pound. The belt is available for $166.04 at Amazon with Free Shipping.
The box includes:
• The Flex Belt.
• A belt extension for those with broader waists.
• 3 Gel pads, one for the abs and a couple of side pads for oblique.
• A power unit that’s rechargeable.
• The instruction manual.


Flex belt features a mounting strap and a control system with an on/off power button, program selector and a LCD display .The technology behind this amazing belt is the popular EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) system. There may be a lot of belts in the market today working on the same technology but none of them have been approved for direct sales to customer by the (FDA). The best thing about Flex Ab Belt is how comfortable it is, the belt would be working out hard on you and you wouldn’t even notice it. Its vibration generating algorithm is perfect and effectively targets your muscles while maintaining comfort.

The Flex Belt stimulates all of the major abdominal muscles at the same timewhich causes perfect abdominal toning and shaping of the upper abs, lower abs and your oblique. Clinical tests have proved that Flex Belt will do its job i.e. Tone your muscles while you are at home, work, watching your favorite TV shows, or even while working on your biceps or other body parts. It does not require any protocol and works at any place, anytime.


So how does the Flex Belt really work?

Flex Belt is not constructed like traditional toning belts, its uniquely constructed with a comfortable strap that mounts the belt to your abdomen with help of three pads that cover the entire abdominal region and the obliques, it comes with a separate control system that’s attached to the belt. As soon as you mount your belt¸ it starts emitting signals that reach out to nerves where they are most concentrated of all. These nerves reach out to stomach muscles and commands them to contract and relax naturally. The belt works on all of the muscles simultaneously, and not just those under the pads but around the whole surrounding region.


The Flex Belt comes with a range of different intensity levels ranging from 1 to 150 levels and 10 different programs customized to your current state of fitness. The intensity has to be changed as your ab fitness develops and muscles get firmly toned.

An EMS device can do much or nothing at all to cut fat or increase metabolism rate, which also ultimately leads to fat loss. Flex Belt has also never claimed that their product is a fat losing device and have always marketed it as a ab toning equipment. Too develop abs the belt alone can never be enough and a person should never expect a six pack to magically show through the abdomen. A person needs to reorganize diet and also exercise actively then expect the belt to do its magic i.e. act as a catalyst and effectively help tone the muscle.

However regardless of fat tissue limitation, the Flex Belt does its work and makes the ab stronger and firmer, even if you’re fat layer may not let them show through. The whole package is very professionally designed and it definitely did not feel cheap to us. Burntech recommends the product to our readers and fans as the best toning belt available in market.