Fuelshakerpro Eradicates Protein Powder Lumps & Is Easy To Clean

Most regular gym goers use protein powder and other water soluble supplements. Anybody whose used such supplements will be aware of one of the biggest pain points – the disgusting after-smell and the terrible clumps of protein powder. Well, fellow gym-goers, we may have just found the solution – the Fuelshakerpro shaker.

Its smart design includes turbine-shaped teeth which are designed to annihilate any clumps of protein powder, ensuring you never have the terrible experience of having to swallow a lump of protein ever again. What’s more, the ingenious construction of the shaker – allowing it to be fully deconstructed in seconds, makes cleaning it much easier. This helps ensure that you don;t have the awful experience of finding a used protein shaker the next morning, and nearly passing out from the stench that it causes.

The shakers plastic belly holds the water, keeping it away from the sealed off rubber bottom, which is used to hold the dry protein powder. Once you’re ready to mix it, you press down on the base of the shaker and turn the bottle upside down. This immediately releases the catch, causing the water to fuse with the powder, passing through the turbine-teeth to ensure it mixes clump free. Its simplistic genius.

Once you’re done, you simply release the separate rubber section from the middle and the top, allowing for detached and simple cleaning.

This is the kind of simple genius which makes you wonder why we’ve put up with the old school bottles for so long. Considering the long-understood nature of these powders, and the challenges faced in using them, its amazing that such a product has taken so long to come to fruition.

So where do you buy one? The Fuelshakerpro is currently being crowdfunded online and is seeking $51k ($40k pledged). All going to plan, the units will ship this November. 926d8beda7724650e073b10f654c59fc_original

Click here to check out Fuelshaker’s website.