Garmin Edge 810 GPS Review

Wouldn’t you like to boost your fitness and burn some calories whilst you are doing something fun for your health like biking or cycling, rather than trudging away on the treadmill? If so, we may have the device for you. Here is our Garmin Edge 810 review.

Wouldn’t you like to share your fitness level in the social networking sites instantly, allowing you to compete with your friends in the new wave of social fitness? Social fitness is catching on fast – take a look at our app reviews to see what I mean.

Garmin Edge 810
The Garmin Edge 810 bike GPS and heart rate monitor

The Garmin Edge 810 delivers all of these features in just one small device. Sounds impossible? Well, the 810 bicycle GPS has made all the above things possible.

Let’s take a look at the features of this cycling masterpiece –

  • Before this latest device was launched in the market, its predecessor, the Garmin Edge 510 used to follow only the existing mapped out stops within a route. But, the Edge 810 lets you map your own route, taking into account your current location.
  • This gadget has a 2.6 inch touch screen with a resolution of 160×240 pixels. No one would want to flaunt a huge screen while biking. But, if we’re to be critical, the pixel density could have been more than present to make the display crisper.
  • The problem that you commonly face with other fitness gadgets or apps is that they consume a lot of battery power. But, the Edge 810 has no such issues with about 15-17 hours of battery power. Our tests indicate that it is actually good for delivering this.
  • The data displayed on the screen is easy to read. Once you have decided your route using the map, just swipe the screen and the display will indicate key performance metrics like time, speed, distance and total ascent.
  • This device is pre-loaded with multiple bike profiles so that you wouldn’t face any problem while riding different bikes. This allows you to build a profile for each bike that you own, taking into account what type of bike it is and other factors pertinent to the stats. Moreover, you can choose from commute,turbo, or race view along with lap training facility as per your need.
  • Along with this gadget, you also get a heart rate monitor. All you have to do is to strap the device around your chest and it will measure the human elements of performance, like average heart rate, training zones and calories burned.
  • You can update your location after every 60 seconds with the LiveTrack option.
  • Once you upload the fitness stats, you can view it anytime in Garmin Connect, the renowned World Wide fitness community site. With over 3 millions of users, you can share your data with the people you know.
  • Finally, the price tag of around £379 is ultimately pretty reasonable but certain drawbacks, such as the quality of the display may make you consider your wider options. That said, the general range of features is enough to definitely help you to get the full benefit out of your cycling.