How to listen to Napster in your BMW

BMW owners can now stream music via Napster using the BMW ConnectedDrive system. The popular music streaming service costs £10 a month in the UK, providing access to a range of over 2 million tracks that can be accessed via any connected device. Here is how to listen to Napster in BMW

For those who are less familiar with BMW, their ConnectedDrive system is a multimedia offering which connects the vehicle to the internet. Essentially, ConnectedDrive turns your BMW into a connected device, just like your smartphone and tablet.

Your car will then have dedicated apps, again like your other connected devices. These maybe the next generation of navigational aids, as well as points of interest, news and other such useful features. The car itself gathers this data directly from the cloud, which it connects to via its own SIM Card.

Additionally, ConnectedDrive also works with your iPhone. This is the mechanism that Napster are using to deliver live streamed music into your car. You connect your iPhone to your car using one of the standard methods – such as a USB cable or snap-in adapter. Once connected, you can then listen to over 2 million Napster tracks through your BMW’s audio system.



The ConnectedDrive service has already been a big hit in the United States, where Parent company Rhapsody has already successfully launched ConnectedDrive.

“This partnership with BMW ConnectedDrive is a great example of how we are committed to making Napster accessible everywhere our members enjoy music,” said Patric Niederländer, a vicepresident at Rhapsody International. “It is a huge benefit to our members to have one central way to access music from their favourite artists, hand-built playlists or curated lists for every road trip from Napster’s in-house editorial team directly from the iDrive controller.”

This addition of Napster to BMW cars should also provide a boost for Napster subscriptions. The company has faced a tough challenge from Spotify and from other ownership based channels, like iTunes.

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