iOS 7 will be available to download on September 10th

When it’s all said and done, iOS 7 may well be the bigger news compared to the new iPhone 5S. After all, history serves to remind us that the “S” launches have never been the stage for radical new designs or hot new features. However, we already know that iOS 7 is going to be radically different to iOS 6.

The rumour mill has come together to confidently predict that the new iPhone 5S will make its bow on the same day – September 10th – but the latest incarnation of the Apple stable will not actually be on the shop shelves until around one week later, pointing it’s in the shop launch date as somewhere around September 17th or 18th.

So the September 10th date will be more significant for the launch of the new iOS, which will give us the first opportunity to actually touch and feel the latest Apple offering. This launch date for the new iOS has been confirmed by Nuance, the company who created Siri, in an email where they stated “As you are probably aware iOS 7 GA will be released on 10 September.”

In the note, the GA refers to general availability, marking this as the date when we will all be prompted to update our software.

iOS is set to feature a new ‘flatter’ design interface, with re-working of the classic Apple icons for services like the Safari web browser, maps and iTunes.

Led by a new design team, iOS 7 will feature a more modern look as opposed to the use of real life textures and elements, such as the leather binding on the notes app.

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