iOS 7 will feature Apple Radio

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Apple Radio is launching with iOS 7 on September 18th 

Apple have confirmed that the iOS OS, launching for public download on the 18th September 2013, will feature a free radio product called Apple radio. The Apple press conference, expected to include the launch information for the hotly anticipated iPhone 5S and 5C, is currently going on in Cupertino California.

The core aim of the service will be ‘music discovery’, which in turn is hoped to deliver more paid downloads. The likes of Spotify and Pandora have had a hugely negative affect on the music download business, with most users now seeing little reason to actually buy the track when they can access the same content for free. This is causing concern amongst music executives, who are now keen to line up behind Apple if they can help promote sales.

Apple radio was announced in June by Apple, and will be the company’s competitor to popular music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Apple Radio users will be able to create their own ‘radio stations’ based on their favourite music, with the service likely to include machine learning which will recommend new music and musicians based on your previous preferences. You’ll also be able to immediately download any favourite tracks as you listen to them.

More to come as further details emerge

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