iPhone 5S: The immediate lowdown

So after months of build up, it is here. Apple have today launched their highly anticipated iPhone 5S alongside the budget 5C.


On initial inspection, nothing in the launch has been a major surprise. As expected, we will get the fingerprint scanner, the new ‘gold’ colour and the introduction of the new A7 chip. Apple have also maintained their recent habit of naming the alternate year iPhone with ‘S’, continuing a trend from this time 2011 when they launched their iPhone 4S.


Below is a quick ‘rough and ready’ lis of the key need to knows about the launch:


  • The new iPhone is the iPhone 5S: There was always the chance that Apple would launch an iPhone 6, but as expected the new device will be called the 5S.
  • The new iPhone WILL feature a finger print scanner: This has been the most rumoured new iPhone feature, and here it is.
  • The fingerprint scanner is housed in the home button, as rumoured. This is the first redesign of the iPhone home button in the history of the device
  • ‘Touch ID’ allows you to unlock your iPhone and to make iTunes purchases with your finger print. This links to the new Apple Radio that will launch with iOS 7
  • The finger print scanner will encrypt data locally – not on iCloud (the cloud). This will provide local device level security
  • The iPhone will use the new A7 64-bit Chip, delivering unprecedented speed and responsiveness. This is 40X the speed of the first iPhone and 10x the speed of the iPhone 5.
  • The new iPhone will deliver 10 hours of 3G talk-time per charge
  • Brand new camera implemented: 5 element lens with a F/2.2 aperture and a sensor with a 15 percent larger surface area. This includes richer features around image stabilisation and other features built around taking better quality pictures. Apple have resisted following other manufacturers in merely loading in the pixels, instead focussing on elements that equal better pictures
  • The new iPhone will be available in the much rumoured ‘gold’ or champagne colour, alongside white and black
  • The iPhone 5S launches in store on September 20th


“This is the most forward-thinking phone we’ve ever created,” according to Apple VP Phil Schiller

We will fill out the details over the next few hours. More to come



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