JVC BlackSapphire SL 3D HDTV and 4K interchangeable lens camcorder announced

JVC are one of the most recognised consumer electronics brands in the world, yet the Japanese electronics company have been rather quiet of late. This changed on Friday when they announced two new high specification CE products, including a ‘smart’ 3D HDTV and a £11,300 4k camcorder.

The TV range will be called the BlackSapphire SL, and will be JVC’s flagship TV series. Made in partnership with Amtran, a Taiwan based electronics components manufacturer, this series is an interesting move from JVC. The 3D TV market has been flagging recently, with static of even declining sales. This led to the BBC announcing that they will stop broadcasting the format in November, as well as a spate of similar announcements from major broadcasters like ESPN in the USA.

Despite this, the BlackSapphire SL 3d HDTV will be an interesting prospect. Besides its obvious 3D capability, it will also be a ‘smart TV’. In the case of the JVC offering, this will mean built in Wi-FI and the availability of native apps from partners like Netflix. Additionally the slimline HDTV will feature an ‘adaptive backlighting system’ and a half-pipe stand.

One of the main criticisms of 3D TVs for the home, compared to 3D in the cinema has been the usage of the sets. The home is dominated by a multi-screen experience, which is often led by smart phones and tablets, with the TV in the background. This is not conducive to watching 3D broadcasts, with their requirement for the use of 3D glasses. It has been pointed out that the cinema movie experience works better for 3D, and as such it seems that JVC have targeted this TV at the movie loving elements of the population. Therefore, alongside 4 pairs of 3D glasses as standard, you also get a highly capable simulated surround sound system. Powered by Xinema-Sound audio, this is a powerful native solution compared to rival offerings in this price bracket.

Talking of price, a 42 inch model will sell at $799 (JVC SL42B-C) and a 47 inch model will go for $899 (JVC SL47B-C). Apparently a range of super-sized BlackSapphire’s will be coming soon too. This range will hit the shelves sometime this summer, most likely in August.

If that wasn’t enough news for one Friday, the company also announced their new 4K camcorder – the Jy-HMQ30. This is set to be compatabile with the full range of Nikon F-Mount lenses, and follows in the foot steps of the JVC GY-HMQ10. The latter was the worlds first 4K camcorder, delivering crystal clear home video recording functionality.

The interchangeable lenses are set to be the big hit with the JY-HMQ30 though. Using just one card, users will e able to record the super high definition 1080/60p video t 28Mbps. With a range of manual and automatic settings, allowing for full user control over the F-Stops, this kit is set to appeal to the professional photographer. At a price tag of over £11k, thats probably for the best.