LinkedIn revenue boosted by new members

The worlds leading business networking website LinkedIn has announced better than expected financial results. Driven by new services and a number of new smartphone apps, the service has won new members and delivered substantial revenues on the back of them.

Chief amongst LinkedIn’s update has been a radically reworked mobile offering. This reflects the mobile focus of all social networks, who typically see at least half of their page impressions coming via mobile devices.

LinkedIn’s new mobile offering included new iOS and android apps. This has led to substantially higher mobile based interactions on the site, measured as profile edits, page views and article shares.

This has led to a 40 percent growth in traffic for the company, offering plenty of additional advertising space.

Revenues have also been boosted by LinkedIn’s Talent solutions service. This got an overhaul recently and acts as a recruiter platform. Recruiters have long since been amongst LinkedIn’s power-users, and this has solidified the time they spend on LinkedIn even further.

Shrewdly, the company have also found a way to entice in the next wave of business professionals – university students. LinkedIn launched ‘CheckIn’ – a service which connects undergraduates with recruiters whilst they’re still at university.

The end result? Q3 yielded up to $373 million in sales.

LinkedIn also said that it expects revenue for the year to be between $1.46 billion and $1.48 billion, which roughly puts the company in line with Wall Street expectations.