MapMyRun Review: The free app which gets you fitter faster

It doesn;t really matter if your a serious trainer or a weekend warrior, tracking your runs is a key way to ensure that your fitness is heading in the right direction. On that note, enter MapMyRUN. This free app offers a host of features which are ehlping runenrs all aroudn the World to plan better runs and to get fit faster. Lets delve in.

MapMyRun screenshot
MapMyRUN scans your location to offer suitable running route suggestions.

Getting started with MapMyRUN is a breeze: Sign up for a free account, and you’ll be good to go. Your options for planning and tracking workouts and nutrition are neatly laid out, in a tabbed interface across the top of the screen. From your Home screen, you can see your recent activity, including workouts you’ve completed and food you’ve logged.

Click the “Routes” tabto dive deeper into the MapMyRUN features, allowing you to quickly and easily discover new runs nearby. This is a great example of the social fitness trend, as you can tap into suggestions amde by other runners as to which routes to attack that day. The app lets you quickly focus your search using parameters like run distance, activity type (yes, MayMyRun is about more than just running, and includes biking, hiking and commuting amongst others), and location. The app uses Google Earth to provide clear 3D images of your route, and the app was able to deliver some nice suggestions around the Farringdon area of London

The app measures the distance and elevation of your run, allowing you to get quick feedback on your route, which is a useful feature for comparing your runs.

I downloaded the free version of MapMyRUN which is ad-supported. The ads can be quite intrusive but there is a premium upgrade for those people who find them overbearing.

There are no shortage of similiar apps to MapMyRun, and there often isn’t too much to choose between them. I was quietly impressed by this app but i expect to uncover better options in time. In the meantime, this free app is worth a quick look