Microsoft employees to get a free white Xbox One

We have reported previously on how Microsoft often give their employees free gifts, and now it seems that the tech giants are to give their employees a free exclusive white version of the console that they helped build.

The unique white version of the Xbox One will not be available to buy and will instead be a special thank you gift from Microsoft to the employees who directly worked on delivering it.

The exclusive product has come about as a result of a leak on the social media website Redit. On there, a user known as Kinect10DLL posted a picture of the device that its claimed was gifted to his friend who works at Microsoft. On top of the console, the staff will also get access to the “1P” games. These are the native Xbox zone launch titles, which will come with a free one years access to the online gaming platform, Xbox Live. To top things off, the staff will be the first people to get their hands on the new console and games.

Some are disputing the authenticity of this, but on closer inspection, it seems to stack up. The moniker “IEB FTE” is included on the branding, indicating this will be made available to “Interactive Entertainment Business, Full-Time Equivalent” staff. As a further classy touch, each white console will be enscribed with “I made this”

Alongside this, the branding is all in line, and as earlier stated, Microsoft have prior pedigree for offering such gifts.

At a time of great uncertainty at Microsoft – the company have just lost their CEO to retirement – as well as an increasing lack of identity, its a nice reminder about the employee focussed ethos of many Silicon Valley companies.

Now !icrosift, we’re all waiting on the launch date if the Xbox One? We know the PS4 will arrive on November 29th…