Microsoft are planning augmented reality gaming glasses

Augmented reality is seriously hotting up at the moment. Yesterday we heard that Ikea are bringing the technology to their mobile apps, and now Microsoft are planning a pair of augmented reality gaming glasses. Of course, wearable technology in the form of tech glasses are pretty darned hot this year too, what with Google Glass’ upcoming launch, and that’s before we even mention the gaming sector with the upcoming next installment of PlayStation V Xbox. Therefore Microsoft have combined three of the most popular areas in tech this year, making this device both cool and in a way, predictable.

Microsoft lodged a patent application in the space, which emerged last week, painting a more compelling picture that they intended to get into the smart-glasses game.

Despite the surface level comparisons with Google Glass, ths will not be a competitor to Google. In fact, it seems that Microsoft are looking to combine elements of their existing technology – namely face and voice recognition – into smart-glasses, with the aim of revolutionising multi-player gaming.

Of course, those with a keen memory will remember the 52 page thesis on this subject that emerged last year, written by Microsoft. This kicked off the rumours that they’re looking to enter this space. Everything then went quiet for months, until this patent emerged, although Microsoft are yet to offer comment or release any further details.

As far as the product goes, what’s your take? Would you buy these glasses, and wat would you be willing to pay for them?

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