Monaco GP through the ages: Vintage poster picture special

Monaco GP through the ages: Vintage poster picture special

It’s the event that transcends its sport, the grand prix which is bigger than formula 1. The big one, the must see, the main event. The epitome of its sport. This weekend the F1 circus reconvenes at HQ to present the race that everyone must see. We are celebrating by presenting some of Monaco’s best F1 race posters.

Monaco personifies the glamour and excess associated with formula one. Ever since 1929, F1 cars have been blitzing their trail around the tiny principality in the south of France. These glamour GPs have been captured through the years with classic posters and here we present some of the best of the best.

Enjoy Monaco through the ages:


Some quick Monaco GP facts

  1. The inaugural race was won by British racer William Grover-Williams in 1929. William’s was racing in an iconic Bugatti, a name which is synonymous with the tax haven principality to this day.
  2. The 2003 race was a record breaker for all of the wrong reasons. It contained ZERO overtakes over 78 laps and 161 miles.
  3. The 2013 Monaco GP will be the 72 race, and the combination of iconic scenery, unadulterated glamour and the tight proximity of the buildings to the racers means that Monte Carlo remains a firm favourite.
  4. Formula One history and Aryton Senna are intertwined. It’s therefore fitting that one of the most famous Monaco moments came in a qualifying lap in 1988 when Senna set an unbelievable lap time which was 1.4 seconds quicker than that of his great rival Alain Prost.
  5. Senna’s former team McLaren have recorded a record 15 wins in the principality
  6. Monaco’s unique quirks make it the scene of some improbable victories, chief amongst them were those recorded by Olivier Panis and Jarno Trulli, who recorded the only grand prix victories of their careers in 1996 and 2004 respectively.