New Nike Fuelband Cancelled As Nike Prepare To Quit Wearable Tech Market

The Nike Fuelband came to define the activity tracker and fitness band market – launching an era of wearable fitness technology that helps everyday folks to live healthier lifestyles. Today its been reported that the sports apparel giants are to quit the increasingly crowded sector, leaving the wearable health tech business to technology specialists. The company have thus canned their widely expected new Nike FuelBand  – which was expected in 2014 – and are planning to indefinitely scrap the Fuelband.

New Nike Fuelband 2014
The New Nike Fuelband 2014 has ben cancelled, as Nike pull out of wearable tech.

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Its been widely reported that this segment has been white hot for the past twenty-four months, and this is widely recognised as remaining a growth sector. Indeed, its been reported that sports bands will be shipped in their droves during 2014, with some analysts indicating that 17 million bands could be dispatched this year alone. This makes it somewhat baffling that Nike are choosing this moment to leave the lucrative sector.

The Fuelband has always been an elegant yet largely low-tech solution to lifestyle tracking. The aesthetically pleasing band tracks the steps that you take, providing ‘fuelpoints’ – a kind of catchweight calorie aggregator – which helps you analyse your lifestyle. You earn fuelpoints by being active, ranging from walking an extra tube stop in the morning through to taking the stairs over the lift at work. Over time you work to burn more Fuelpoints, which, all things being equal from a dietary perspective, will equate to a healthier and fitter physique.

Its believed that Nike will continue with the software side of the Fuelband – as well as continuing to sell the Fuelband SE band itself – with the focus now being on building up the Nike+ ecosystem. We’ll keep you posted as new developments occur.

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