New Suunto GPS Track Pod

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A new Suunto GPS track pod which is fully compatible with the Suunto Quest and M5 heart rate monitors has just launched

The new Suunto GPS tracker pod followers an emerging trend, which is seeing the release of ever lighter and more nimble tracking pods for GPS watches. The new Suunto model weighs a mere 1.2 ounces, which is literally one-third the weight of their previous pod from 3 to 4 years ago.

The new GPS pod has the capability to work in one second or 60 second time intervals. This function makes it robust for a wide range of fitness activities, ranging from the more pedestrian mountaineering and hiking, which can utilise the 60 second update feature, right the way through to higher intensity activities like sprinting and racket sports. Essentially and fast paced activity will benefit from the 1 second updates, but naturally this comes at a cost to the battery life, so selecting the most appropriate setting has some benefit. If for example, your fitness activity is slower paced, then it’s advisable to run at the sixty second intervals to manage the battery life

A lighter and more user friendly solution

a fully integrated GPS watch can be a bulky device, and many people find this a turn off. A few grams or the odd ounce doesn’t sound like anything too dramatic. However, when you stick this additional weight on the end of your arm and then swing your arm a few thousand times, you can be left making a compelling case that weight does matter. Manufacturers recognise this, hence the newer breed of lighter devices. It is evident that solutions like the Suunto tracking pod are a wise solution for anybody of a lighter build or who will use it for activities that involve arm movement.

The market for the Suuntro track pod

The Suuntro track pod promises to deliver good value for both outdoor fitness fantastic s and gym bound training. It’s wider array of outdoor specific targeting features mean that it is better suited to the outdoor fit tech fan whilst offering everything you need for a good gym session.

The new Suunto GPS track pod is now available from all good GPS watch outlets