Nexus 7 2nd-Generation turns up in stock 1 week before it launches

The Google Nexus 7 2nd generation has not only been leaked ahead of its launch but has also turned up in stores inventory, nearly a week before it is even due to launch. Leading UK outlets like Carphone Warehouse have been found to be ‘selling’ the new Nexus 7 ahead of its official launch date of  24 July.

This has served as something of a revealing ahead of time, which will wet Google’s bonfire. From the store specifications, we now know that the Phoenix will have two models, both listed as WI-FI only. One of the model will have a storage capacity of 16GB while the other will offer 32GB and both of them will have a fixed price, in a move that’s reminiscent of Apple launches.

The Asus made Nexus 7 2nd generation tablet is expected to launch in the USA in a couple of days but is still a few further days away from a UK launch. The fresh news and leaks comes in the awake for earlier leaks from the US, which revealed pictures of the device that were promptly sent around Twitter. The latest leak came via Engadget, who were able to provide detailed information on the new 7-inch tablet.

The Nexus appears to have increased in size which may be attributed to the enlarged top and bottom bevels which have the “Nexus” logo emblazoned on the back, complete with a similar smaller logo beneath it. The back cover seems to have lost its traditional texture and the silver band that is usually around the original Nexus has been darkened to a gunmetal or black shade. Additional features include two cameras; front and rear facing. The rear-facing camera is expected to be a 5-mega pixel and the front facing camera will most likely sport a 1.2 mega pixel sensor. Speakers have also been spotted, as Google attempt to improve the quality of the new tablets audio. It also appears that the 2nd gen Nexus 7 will feature a slim port to support 1080p video playback over HDMI. The expected resolution will be 1980*1200, which should deliver a highly impressive, crystal clear display. Finally, a notification light is expected to be included.

Rumors of the Nexus 7 having a wireless charging functionality have also surfaced. The functionality may be similar to that offered by the Nexus 4 or maybe better. When it comes to speed, the Nexus is expected to be faster than the previous versions. The screen shots seen so far suggests the Nexus running a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU which will turn this small tablet into a turbo charged tablet considering its size.

No details have however been suggested for the release date for the UK, although it is expected to trail the USA launch date of July 24th by seven days.