Nike Flyknit Lunar3 running shoes – 2015’s Best High-Tech Long Distance Running Shoes

We thought we were overdue a dive into the best long distance trainers that 2015 has thrown out so far – so here we go. After doing a deep dive on the best running shoes in the market, and deeply comparing our top four – we have the winner. The Nike Lunar3’s are the BurnTech best long distance running trainers of 2015 – and here is why.

Long distance running has its own requirements when it comes to the ideal training shoes. Heel comfort – facilitated by a good cushioning sole is evidently key, maintaining heel and ‘ball of the foot’ comfort over hundreds of thousands of steps. This repetitive motion is hard on the body, and this is where good shoes start to really pay off. This is the core requirement, but the additional two ‘very nice to haves’ of a breathable skin and a lightweight design leave us chasing the holy trinity of features which together combine to form the ideal long distance running shoe. Below are the best four that we have found in 2015 to date, however please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

The first pair of shoes that we wanted to identify are the Nike’s Flyknit Lunar3 running shoes. Previous BurnTech.TV readers know that we’ve long being a fan of the Nike Flynits, starting with our previously stated love of the Nike Flyknit racers.  The Lunar3 running shoes represent the next iteration of this Nike range, and combine a number of important high-tech features that cut them out for significant long-distance training. Much like with the racers, these shoes initial and arguably still chief USP is their Flyknit design. This rugged mix of strong yet super-light weight materials perform as well as the level of ‘cool’ that they bring. The latest iteration is both stronger yet curiously rigid yet flexible enough to mould around your feet. Over time, you break-in these shoes and they get more and more comfortable as they become more personally customised to your feet.

Not overly dissimilar to Adidas’s  Primeknit Ultra Boost  running shoes, these shoes manage to maintain a stunning level of comfort even as you take on longer distance runs. These are low profile, even bordering or skirting towards zero drop, yet maintain a comfortable running position without the compromise that we found in the Adidas rival offering.

These runners are actually more like running socks that running shoes – the sock-like collar hugs your ankles and feels strangely comforting and warm, especially on a colder winters morning. In our opinion, the combination of sock-like build and the super-cushioning sole really marks these out as the pick of 2015’s higher tech running shoes. Besides the Adidas offering already identified, we do however have to give a special mention to the  Under Armour’s Speedform Fortis – as these are also a very good choice.