Nike+ Fuelband App Update

Almost all of you have heard about the Nike+ FuelBand by now. It has been one of the latest sensations in the fitness world since its release. The app has taken the fitness World by storm and now Nike have issued their fuelband app update. Here are some of the advantages of this latest fitness gadget from Nike+

  • A sports tested accelerometer has been used in the FuelBand so that you can measure your daily life activities with ease and can monitor them for your own betterment.
  • It’s up to you how active you want to be. With this band, you can decide the amount of calorie that you want to shred in a particular day. You can check your progress on the move.
  • Stay motivated as you connect with your friends and let them take a hint about your daily fitness lesson.

When finishing a physical exertion is not accomplishment enough, Nike has intentional options for its most social fitness enthusiasts to raised loves the aftermath of completed goals.

Tuesday, Nike free Associate in Nursing update to its FuelBand application for iOS that lets band-wearers add up a physical exertion with a photograph, tag their friends and placement, and share the labeled shot with Facebook for added recognition through “likes” and comments.

The FuelBand is originally an activity pursuit wristband that encourages individuals to line goals and document their daily progress in person or on a frontrunner board with friends. The newest addition to the companion iPhone application additionally permits users to contend with their friends through Facebook.

“This update permits athletes to use NikeFuel in new customizable leader boards as a social currency to check, contend and challenge friends to stay up,” Nike aforesaid.

The changes, although driven by Nike, cash in on developer-friendly options for fitness apps brought to the online market by Facebook earlier this year. Facebook lately improved the flexibility for app-makers that lets the users include their Facebook friends in the workout patterns of themselves.

The social network usually works collaboratively with developers at fitness-focused corporations like Nike and RunKeeper, and believes that social hooks facilitate hold individuals responsible to their fitness goals and influences them to figure out a lot of.

Facebook’s goal isn’t to induce you work, however to create the kinds of third-party application experiences that attract prime applications across a range of interests to its platform. Within the method, as is that the case with Nike, the corporate reaps the reward of a lot of content and activity happening on its website.

Those who haven’t still updated their Nike+ FuelBand should do it as soon as possible to experience the ultimate fitness session. The app is available on iOS and Android via their respective app stores.