Plans for a 3D Internet Revealed

The centre for Internet Excellence (CIE) has undertaken a ground breaking study which has laid the foundations for a 3D internet. The study was backed by Nokia and Intel, and run in conjunction ith the University of Oulu.

The purpose behind the Chriru project is to lay the groundwork for a 3D internet experience which will span desktop and mobile devices.

The organisation believes this could fundamentally change the way that we interact with information, making it easier and more comprehensible for all users.

The study had optimistic aims that move beyond the simple presentation of the internet. The goal is an end user experience which includes a 3D user interface, 3d virtual Worlds and 3D ‘mixed reality’ which conjoins the use of 3D information and the presentation of that data.

Mika Ylianttila, a director of CIE elaborated further on the aims of the project by revealing “At CIE, our main focus is accelerating the deployment of 3D Internet services and applications. The most important question is to understand how people interact with three dimensional information and what do we need from technology to create a smooth and immersive user experience”

Ylianttila added “From the business perspective, the 3D Internet space is a huge opportunity and we are seeing more and more businesses and research being built around 3D Internet. The Oulu area has unique expertise and provides a living lab environment to test and develop 3D Internet technologies and services”.

The Chiru project aimed to answer some fundamental questions around the concept of a 3D internet, including:

How should data be presented best in a 3D environment?

How best to capture real world objects in 3D?

How to blend the real world with the virtual world (Mixed reality)

How to integrate this technology in with ‘background technology’, including mobile phones?


In order to progress this towards becoming a reality, Chiru have looked to create a common vocabulary for a 3D web. Chiru have thus created design guidelines for this.

Chiru will now continue their research during the remainder of 2013.

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