Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor Review

If you are in search of a heart rate monitor that is not just a monitor, then you can go for Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor. With the best in class features, this will surely offer you the best features without burning a hole in your pocket.

The slek looking, mid-range Polar F6 heart rate monitor
The sleek looking, mid-range Polar F6 heart rate monitor

T he Polar F6 Stand-Out Features 


The best option of the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor is that the capability to trace your calories burned variety of workouts and strength levels on either daily or weekly source. Once you have recorded a exercise, you’ll log into your diary to ascertain what number workouts you have completed that week, what number calories you have burned and the way a lot of time you have spent at every level of intensity – lightweight, moderate and laborious. At the tip of the week, a little envelope shows up within the higher right hand corner, reminding you to examine your weekly totals.

This feature is nice for goal-setting. You’ll set goals supported what number calories you wish to burn, or what number workouts you wish to complete hebdomadally. You’ll conjointly see what proportion time you pay at completely different intensity levels. If you notice you are payment longer at a lightweight intensity, you may set a goal to extend some time spent at a moderate intensity.

You can conjointly read your “daily file,” that stores info from your most up-to-date workouts. The file shows the period of your exercise, calories burned, most and average pulse rate and time spent in several intensity zones. this is often excellent for exercisers United Nations agency love pursuit numbers or anyone United Nations agency needs new concepts for setting goals.

Another stand-out feature is that the ability to transfer knowledge from your watch to your laptop exploitation a transmission tool and a mike.

The Bottom Line of Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor

While the F6 offers some spectacular options, there are still some drawbacks. First, like several vital sign monitors, the buttons are not perpetually intuitive. It takes some observe to work out that buttons to push to urge to the proper screens, which may be frustrating if you are within the middle of the travail. And, though you’ll be able to implement some settings throughout your travail, it might be nice to own the flexibility to vary the amount of intensity. To do that, you’ve got to prevent the travail and begin a brand new one.

Beyond those negligible flaws, The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor is that the good mid-range vital sign monitor, providing nice options that help in boosting exercise enthusiast can get pleasure from victimization.