Polar FT7 Voted Best Entry Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar FT7 heart rate monitor has been voted top of its class for heart rate monitors under $100 for the second year in a row by the Heart Rate Watch Company.

“This fitness watch has been a perennial favorite and a best seller in the under-$ 100 heart rate monitor category,” says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. Rusty’s company have seen solid demand for the FT7 ever since its launch. Squire added “We carry hundreds of heart rate monitors and it outsells every other one for a good reason”.

Category leading features

The Polar FT7 has a wealth of solid features which bare comparion with higher spec and higher priced heart rate monitors. This includes a graphic indicator which visually represents the trainers heart rate zone, and more specifically exactly where the trainer is in that zone relative to the other heart rate zones. The heart touch feature also allows the user to effortlessly switch between screens hands free, mitigating the workout distractions whilst delivering the all important data

The Polar FT7 is also the cheapest Polar heart rate monitor that provides access to the Polar Personal Trainer software with an optional Polar Flowlink Data transfer device.

“There is a reason so many personal trainers and coaches recommend Polar products, it’s because they are reliable, accurate and well built”, says Squire. He adds, “Polar invented the heart rate monitor 35 years ago and they are more integrated with more gym equipment than any other brand”.

The Polar FT7 comes in two men’s and two women’s models with slimmer wrist bands and uses the Polar H1 transmitter with the flex fabric Polar soft strap. This delivers user comfort as well as style.

The take home point? Polar remain at the front of the pack with the FT7, delivering great value with a strong feature set. The Polar FT7 remains a great buy for anybody who wants a solid heart rate monitor without some of the more advanced GPS watch features that drive higher prices

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