The Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor


The “Polar H7”does it’s job quite well. The equipment comes with a lot of
features, efficiently monitors your heart rate and training intensity and is highly
compatible with fitness apps and gym equipments.


The Polar H7 is an excellent training companion. It’s a combo heart rate sensor
that provides live, accurate heart rate to your monitor or on your fitness app on
your smartphone including Polar’s own app the “Polar Beat”. Using the device
you can train like professional athletes with your stats and figures at fingertips to
monitor your exercise and to train with maximum efficiency. The H7 is an entry
level device and comes at a mere $69 (being sold at Amazon for
$44). It connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment.


Polar is a pioneer in the field of heart rate monitor and is widely respected as a major
specialist. Their products are used by professional athletes worldwide and what gives the H7 a cutting edge over other devices is it’s intelligence. It gives
guidance based on your personal information, and individual heart rate, it can tell
you how often, how much and how hard to train . Also, the device also features a soft
textile belt which you can wear comfortably on your torso. The H7 also happens to be waterproof
and can transfer information while swimming with products which support 5kHz

Polar H7 uses Bluetooth Smart technology to transmit information and its range
is about 10 meters. So far its compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch
(5th generation), iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad mini and the iPod Nano (7th
generation) but it doesn’t support Android at the moment. Also compatible with Gym
equipment and training computers including devices such as FT-series,
RS100/RS300X/RS400, CS100/CS200cad/CS300, RCX5. The device comes
with a user replaceable  200 hours of battery backup when used with a Polar
certified equipment.


We used the Polar H7 on our iPhone 5. The connectivity was seamless and
unbelievably smooth and the belt fitted comfortably on our torso. The product
does not come with any frills and is rather basic looking; a typical belt with a
transmitter and sensor in front with Polar logo on it.

The question that arises now is why train with the H7 monitor?
Regularly monitoring your heart rate is best way to ensure effectiveness of your
exercise. Heart rate monitoring can help you achieve your fitness or loose weight
quickly and with minimum effort. You dont always have to work harder or faster
to get the most of your training. The best way to train is to train with the right
intensity. Using H7 you would have evidence of your progress and it help you to
ensure that you are not overdoing or underdoing your training and that no
session goes to waste.


H7 can be used for any sortof exercise. Jogging, cyclcing, walk, in the gym or even
swimming. The belt and device are waterproof and can transmit signals from a
range of 10 meters to your monitoring device. After the data has been
transmitted to the polar app or other fitness monitoring device, you can view
graph data for your heart rate over your training session. It really is a useful feature
and tells you hard you pushed through that last jog or aerobics class and how
hard you have to train to obtain desired fitness.

I personally found it very helpful. The heavy morning jogs after breakfast were
proved pretty useless, caused fatigue with minimum fitness. A lot of women out
here desperately trying to cut off pounds quickly and complaining about loosing
none would find this device pretty helpful. The H7 also tells you how hard and
often you need to exercise. It calculates speed or distance and combines ir with
your heart rate to provide you with stats to take your fitness to unimaginable
levels. The device increases both efficency and effectiveness.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from heart rate monitoring.
Now matter how much or less you train the H7 would try to make it effective and
help you train with least effort.