Porsche believe this car will become their all time best seller

Porsche believe this car will become their all time best seller

When your stable includes the iconic 911, then its going to take something special to beat it. However in 2014 Porsche will launch their next SUV, and company insiders already believe it might go on to break all of the company’s records. That car is the Porsche Macan.

Porsche was an ailing sports car manufacturer until they launched the Cayenne. That foray into the luxury SUV market saved the company, allowing them to generate the cash needed in order to maintain their traditions in the sports car market.

When it comes to the hugely awaited Macan, Porsche insiders are rushing to upscale their projections. Due in under 12 months, the Macan was originally forecast to deliver 55,000 annual sales. According to sources, that figure is now nearer 75,000.

The reason for this optimism lies in the compact, sports SUV niche. Porsche believes they have stolen a march in their rivals here, and that once established, their heritage will keep them there.

So to allow the Porsche Macan to dominate quickly, Porsche are going to send it to market fully equipped. It’ll be powered by a potent 400bhp 3.0 litre V6, but Porsche will extend the vehicles reach further by launching a leaner 2.0 version later in the cars cycle.

It’ll maybe be the cars looks that will do the most for it though. We recently spotted some spy pictures – link below – and the Macan is set to be lithe, lean and very sporty. A truly compact sports orientated SUV.

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