RunKeeper integrates with Pebble Ink smart watch

RunKeeper and Pebble E Ink have made their partnership official. The latest Runkeeper app update, 3.3, available on iOS and Android includes support for the Pebble.

Runkeeper Pebble integration

RunKeeper is a hugely popular fit tech app, which works with your smartphone to allow you to measure your running performance. This partnership between Runkeeper and Pebble was effectively agreed whilst Pebble was still a prototype, and it’ll allow Runkeeper users to track their metrics without needing their smartphone. The data will be passed from the smartphone to the watch via Bluetooth, providing data on distance, time and pace.

Jason Jacobs, founder of RunKeeper is an ambitious entrepreneur and is seeking similar deals with groundbreaking devices. Apparently, Google Glasses is next on the agenda. It will be fascinating to see how that pans out, as we have commented before about the rich fit tech potential of Google Glasses. All of this comes on the back of last weeks integration into Jawbone

Predictably enough, RunKeepers strategy is anchored around completing big integrations, as Jacob’s has also been investigating a partnership with Nike and their Fuelband. According to a tweet from Jacobs, he isn’t expecting a deal anytime soon, tweeting “… not sure they’d ever work with us.”

The app update is about more then just integration support though. 3.3 delivers some nice incremental improvements. The iOS update brings multi-lingual support with six new languages. Android focuses on better user experience, with improved navigation and easier data input.

So RunKeeper is going places. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s available on the app stores