Samsung Fit 2 to launch on May 28th?

The whole fitness and sports technology space is set to get even hotter later this year, with Apple stoking the fire. Now Samsung are getting in on the game and have announced a ‘health event’ for May 28th in San Francisco, California. The details of the event are still sketchy, but we now expect that the event will mark the arrival of the Samsung Fit 2 this May.

Stoking the fires in a way not dissimilar to their great rivals Apple, Samsung have sent out invites with the simple message “A new conversation about health is about to begin”. With Apple’s WWDC coming up soon too – where the tech giants are expected to announce a raft of new health tech features – its no surprise that Samsung are also all over the health tech space. Apple are rumored to be planning a new piece of software aimed squarely at the fitness technology market, and this is most likely to be in partnership with Nike and their Fuelband product. Nike have recently been evasive and secretive about their plans for the Fuelband, with reports indicating that they are planning to discontinue the Fuelband all together, only to then be counteracted by Nike’s CEO.

Samsung are no strangers to this space though. The Samsung Gear is a piece of wearable technology with fit tech uses, and the Samsung Fit is a heart rate tracker. Their S Health platform is similar to the platform that Nike have introduced around their fit tech products. This event could be set to announce a Samsung Fit 2, but either way, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.