The app which blocks your boss from seeing your Facebook pictures

Everybody knows that their boss is taking an ever keener interest in social media – and Facebook is top of their snooping list. Sometimes you just don’t want certain folks to se certain pictures, so step up, the app which can make your pictures invisible to certain people.

The premise is simple. Your boss shouldn’t see pictures of you drunk on a Saturday night. It’s probably fair to say that your mum shouldn’t either, but how do you stop this at a time when everybody seems to be on Facebook?

The simple answer lies in encrypting your Facebook pictures? That way you can share them with select people, and even make them disappear completely after a set time period. is a new app which helps you achieve this. You take your pictures using the app, and it uploads them into Facebook as a messy concoction of indistinguishable pixels.

Having uploaded the picture, you can then play with some settings. Choose how long you want the picture to be ‘alive’ for, as well as who should see it. can’t stop the picture from appearing in blacklisted people’s news feeds, but all they see is the messy, indistinguishable pixels. Therefore, no nasty shots of you drunk at Saturday nights party.

Then, as the ticker counts down to the expiry date, deletes your picture, ensuring it will never surface again.

So how do you make use of this service? The app is available on the iOS App Store.

Now all you need to do is ensure that no pesky friends secretly screenshot your pictures and RE-share them.

Will this kind of app solve the Facebook/boss/mum problem?

Can you think of a way around the screenshot problem? Let us know below!