Skulpt Aim Review – Body-Fat & Muscle Tracking App As Accurate As Underwater Testing

Introducing the Skulpt Me, the app and fitness tracker which aims to allow you to track your improvements and not just the numbers on the scale. Priced at $150, this tracker app lets you measure your body fat and muscle percentages with 5x greater accuracy than body fat percentage scales and 4x greater accuracy than callipers. Its so darned accurate that it comes to within 1-2% of the ‘gold standard’ of underwater weighing. Read on to learn more about why celebrity personal trainers and gym-goers alike are rushing to get this latest must own fitness gadget.

We’re all aware that the market has no lack of fitness trackers, activity trackers, ‘smart scales’ and other such devices which are built with the intention of making your fitness activities more effective. In days gone by, we all used to jump on the scales in order to keep rack of our diet and exercise programme, but over recent years this has been dispelled. Simply put – as all bit fitness fans know – when it comes to body composition, the scale only tells a fraction of the story. In order to counteract this, we saw a boom in body fat percentage scales, yet their electrode based system has always been notoriously inaccurate. That methodology is fundamentally flawed, and is too reliant on almost all constants being kept constant, including your hydration percentage. This is clearly impractical, and renders them hard to use outside of professional environments. takes a different approach. Its long being accepted that the ‘gold standard’ for measuring a persons body-fat percentage is underwater weighing. As good as that is, it is again impractical. Second best to underwater weighing has long being considered to be the body calliper method. These skin fold measurers work well, but are complex to use and the results vary wildly between different testers (IE they’re very open to human inconsistencies). The fall back therefore becomes the electrode based body fat percentage scales, which can be used to measure trends over time at best.

Skulpt Me has been proven to be within 1-2% of the gold standard, and 4x more accurate than callipers and 5x more accurate than the body fat percentage scales. This caught our attention.

As the pointed out – this tool is so powerful that it makes the other fitness gadgets “seem like toys rather than tools”. And we get the Examiners point – as at the end of the day, what use is a fitness tool which is so inaccurate? Why should we, as fitness geeks, want to shell out £150/$250+ on a body fat scale which simply doesn’t work accurately. Frankly, and a lot more harshly, this tool does not make the others look like toys, it makes the others look like a joke. A expensive, rip-off joke. The sort that none of us find funny.

So how is that can be so much more accurate? The answer is the granularity of its application. Rather than having the user stand on an electrode plate, and then count on the electricity –  powered we should point out usually by now more than a couple of AA batteries – to get through your body and measure all of your body fat and muscle density, this tool is instead applied on a ‘per muscle basis’. The reality of this is that you measure 24 different muscle locations independently. You use the same electrode system, but critically you apply it much closer to the muscle. This takes away the need for the current to travel multiple feet, and instead you make it travel just a few inches. What’s more, this sort of application allows the device to be configured to work optimally for each specific location, taking into account the size of muscle mass (think biceps verses quads…) and other such factors like bone structure, and to account for all of this. No wonder the accuracy is so much higher, and equally, no wonder it took a bunch of smart Harvard types to create this.

Each application only takes seconds, so covering the entire body and all ‘locations’ can be done in under three minutes. This is longer than your ‘smart scales’ for sure, but infinitely quicker than going for a full check-up and your gym. As Mens Fitness, the ever popular mens health and fitness magazine said, the Skulpt Aim is ‘truly one of its kind’.

The detailed analytics are kicking out the stats that actually matter for your health and fitness. Forget the number on your scales, or the size of your waistline or the number of calories you have consumed. Frankly, these metric are ‘noise’. Your calorie needs are dictated by the variance in activity that you do on a day by day basis, and are in reality greater impacted by the macro-nutrient breakdown on a day by day basis verses overall number. The number on the scales doesn’t tell you if you have lost fat, built muscle or any combination of the two, not to mention the impact of hydration and other such factors that cause our daily weight fluctuations. Skulp on the other hand tells you how much muscle and how much fat you have at each location. Job done. That tells you in a heart beat whether your training and diet plan is or is not working.

This truly is the best device on the market for measuring your body fat and muscle quality. It is also the best training aid on the market, because it tells you – with no ambiguity – as to whether or not what you are doing is working. You can learn more on their website (new tab), or download the app on iOS or Android.