Spoof “Update to iOS 7 and become waterproof” advert leads gullible owners to destroy their iPhone

There’s famous maxims around gullible men and their money, and now it seems a new one needs to be made for gullible people and their iPhone.

A spoof advert, styled like a typical Apple advert, has appeared on the 4Chan bulletin board. The advert compels users to upgrade their iPhone OS to the new iOS 7 in order to ‘become waterproof’. Unfortunately this has led to some owners testing out the new feature, and meeting a watery demise.

The fake advert makes the ridiculous claim that “In an emergency, a smart-switch will shut off the phone’s power supply and corresponding components to prevent and damage to your iPhone’s delicate circuitry,”. The advert was pushed hard on social media, where a simple search of twitter reveals that people have fallen for it.

It seems that a number of users felt the need to perform a hands-on test with their iPhone, leading to some unfortunate iPhone deaths. After all, a software update will never be able to phycically change a device and make it waterproof, before any BurnTech readers feel the need to test.

The most effective way to make an iPhone waterproof is by purchasing a waterproof case. We recently conducted a hands on test with the Lifeproof Nuud at IFA 2013 in Berlin. This case surrounds the iPhone without covering the devices glass screen, which is already waterproof. We found it to be a great solution for outdoor sports fans, as it provides a robust device saving cover with the benefits of leaving the screen ‘nuud’.

There are other smartphones in the market which are waterproof too, which may be worth considring on your next upgrade, but that won;t help any users who are actively testing iOS 7.

So there’s your words of warning – don’t go dunking your iPhone in water, even if you have upgraded to iOS 7.




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