The 10 Simplest Ways To Be More Heathy – In Motivational Quotes

The little things you do in your day to day life add up and can make you fit and healthy. While you can dedicate a specific time of your day to working out, this in reality is only one aspect of being a healthy person. Its everything else that you do which adds up to make you either fit or unfit.

So what are the characteristics of the fit and healthy? Its really not that hard, but below we look at ten lifestyle choices which will make you healthier, happier, fitter and ready to take on life.


10. 1.     Stop Bad Habits


Well as good habits can potentially make you fit, similarly bad habits can make you unfit. At least some of them do. The other bad habits you can just cut back on them. The main habits you should quit immediately without any delay are, smoking (is never associated with fit people), and drugs, unsafe sexual intercourse, and any other things that you think are harmful to your health. Quitting these things does take time and it is hard, but the rewards are worth the trouble and the effort, nothing ventured nothing gained, quitting these habits will immediately help you to lead a healthy life.

On the other hand, there are some bad habits that are not that harmful but if done in excess can cause a lot of damage. Like alcohol, caffeine, sugar, junk food etc. as long as you keep your other things healthy these things are not harmful, you can try as only on occasion things, or once in a while etc.