The 13 Most Annoying Gym Habits Of All Time

24. Patrick Barber's aesthetics can get anyone jealous.

Agh the Gym, hey. So many people love to hate it, and never is there a place on earth which is home to so many super-annoying habits. Today we wanted to dive into the ultimate list of the most annoying gym habits of all time. Scroll through the gallery below and let us know your absolute biggest pet gym peeve in the comments section below

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Once we know that we’re making these mistakes, we can work on rectifying them. The bigger problem appears to be that so many people have no idea that they’re making these mistakes. There’s also a big gender divide when it comes to annoying gym habits, and many men would be appalled to know just how many of these mistakes they’re making and just how annoying women find them. For a starter, many men feel the need to act super ‘alpha’ in the gym environment. However, women are also guilty of annoying men – with many men commenting that women dress inappropriately and often case seemingly chase male attention only to be annoyed when they get it.


Below are some of the negative gym behaviour that, believe it or not, failed to make our list of the top 13. So here you have it.
Number 14: Grunting — this is one of the most annoying habits, and according to the women polled, men are the main offenders. Walk past the weights room, and you hear a vast array of ‘manly’ grunting noises as they heave up momentous weights, using the worst form known to man. Of course, such giant weights would not lift themselves, not of course without the help of a loud groan and big grunt. Shut up folks, this is not a game of women’s tennis!
Number 15: Dropping weights — we’ve all been there. Lying on a bench, and you hear a god almighty ‘thump’. Heck, maybe you even feel a god almighty thump, right on your toe, as one of the big guys drops his weight, usually with a loud grunt to boot. The dropping of weights consistently scores highly in the list of gym ‘do not dos!’
Number 16: Shocking technique — linked very much with the groaning, grunting and weight dropping is number 16 – the occurrence of call the police gym technique. The bicep curl heave. The half leg press, half push your knees bench press. The quarter rep squat. And so on. All seemingly done in order to vainly lift huge loads, again seemingly only intended to impress us onlookers. Strangely, its never the big guys who seem to need such techniques…
Number 17 and 18: Posing and shadow boxing — We grouped these because its all part and parcel. Folks who feel the need to show off in one shape or size. Whether its the quick flick up of the shirt to check their abs, or the really bizarre shadow boxing – either way, its annoying. So stop it. Please.
So there we have it. Which of these super annoying habits do you loathe the most? Let us know in the comments below!